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2020/21 Season Update Information

With Covid-19, the upcoming season has the potential to look very different than years past. Our board is working on contingency plans but as all of us know, the information about this virus is constantly changing.  At this point, we are planning to proceed with our normal season timeline (Registration will be opening in mid-August, Traveling tryouts/team formation in early September with practices starting in October, In-House/Rec starting in October/November). We are dependent on ISD194 facilities, so dates will be finalized once we are able to schedule times in the school gyms.

We believe that sports are an important part of the lives of our players, and are doing what we can to plan for another successful season, but the health and safety of our players, coaches, and families is of the greatest importance. We will follow guidance from the School District, the State of Minnesota, and Minnesota Youth Basketball Alliance as we proceed. We can all expect to see some differences from years past, but can't predict what those changes will be.

For our Traveling Program, we do know that many associations are planning to change their tournament fee structures, where they charge associations higher prices to register, but no longer collect individual fees at the entrance.  To accommodate these increases in entry fees, we are likely to have to increase our individual Traveling player fees. We believe that any increase we are forced to pass on through player fees will be more than offset by the savings the average family would see from individual admission charges at the door. Through our work with other associations, we know that our fees are already well below average for the metro area, and we will only pass on increases that are directly required to cover the increased registration costs and potential costs associated with building usage and new sanitation rules.

We will update the site as we get more information about what our season will look like.  We will also be publishing a refund policy in case our season is interrupted. Go Panthers!

Shooter's Club 2020 is BACK!

Shooter's Club is BACK and off to some impressive results through the halfway mark! Keep Shooting and don't forget to record your shots weekly! 

The 2020 Shooter's Club goes through September 26th

Record your shots WEEKLY

Also, join us for our new SKILLS CHALLENGE as well!

Click the link above for details...



Find all the game information for the Panther Girls.

2020 Lakeville North Girls Basketball Apparel Available to order!

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Sheri Soens

LNGBA Director of Equipment and Apparel